Spelt Fruit Bread – Fig, Apricot and Goji Berry

Looking forward to having this for breakfast in the morning… or a late night snack with a cup of tea.


Fruit – big handful of dried figs, big handful dried apricots, handful of goji berries in to the thermomix with big shake of All Spice. Blitz on speed six for around 20 seconds.

Scrape it all out in to a bowl and put aside.

Thermomix 290g water, plus 20g olive oil – 37 degrees, 2 minutes, speed 1.

Add 500g spelt flour (or normal bakers flour), 2t yeast, 1t natural bread improver, 1t salt, 4t sugar or honey.

Knead for 2 minutes, after 30 seconds add the fruit mix in to the hole in lid.

Do what you do to let it rise, I spray the inside of a freezer bag with olive oil, drop the dough ball in, fill with air and tie in a knot.

Spray the inside of a tall round cake tin with removable bottom, or even a springform tin.

Once doubled in size, punch down and stretch out to a long sausage. Divide in to ten pieces.

Roll each piece in to a ball and arrange nine around the outside and one in the middle, so they are nestled nice an close to each other. Or you could do any amount you want, this just worked for me.

Sprinkle with water, then top with sunflower seeds, or any seeds you like.

Let rise in a warm spot till nice and high. Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.


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